Thursday, August 19, 2010

To start of with.....

I am starting with the very basics to keep it simple. Something that can be eaten with many things and easy to cook too i.e. Rice. One of the best way to cook rice is of course invest in a rice cooker that said this blog is not about gadgets so I 'll put up some of the basic ways to cook rice depending on the rice that is when you don't have a rice cooker.
The kinds of rice :- There are like a million kinds of rice available but I am dividing them into just 3 kinds for us.
1) The bad one :- The cheapest rice you find in the store. For Americans this would be one dollar rice packets at Walmart. A simple test to check whether you have got a "the bad one" is to take some rice and pour water over it. If it turns white most probably you have "the bad one". This will turn out to be sticky and the rice looses integrity merging into one gooey mass if cooked in a rice cooker.
2) The averages :- These are the mid price ranged rice packets which will not turn white in water. They have different smells too
3) The speciality :- High end rice packets for speciality items. Basmati from India,  Risotto from Italy, Brown rice etc. Rarely used in my cooking.

The procedures

1) Boil and drain :- Procedure that can make the Walmart rice taste and look good. In a pot take rice and wash it till the water no longer turns white (I know it takes time so be patient or pay more) add lots of water and some salt and some oil. On medium flame(gas mark 6) let it boil for 15-20 Min's. Take a single rice and eat it. It shouldn't be too soft but not undone. Turn off the heat and let it stay for 5 mins. Use a cloth (I suggest keeping one aside for kitchen things) to drain the water and eat immediately. Toss in some oil if you plan to keep it and use it later for some further recipe. That's the best the bad rice can be. This method is also used for cooking rice in between recipes when it is needed a little undone.

2) Absorption :- Good for the average and good quality rice. Add rice and double the water, boil for 15mins at medium heat and leave covered for 5minutes. The rice absorbs the remaining water hence the name. This method is okay for everyday rice. If you use this method on bad rice it will just stick together. Sometimes you just don't have time to strain and drain and do stuff like that, in that case just add half pinch of baking soda to the bad rice while cooking. It will not stick but its not recommended everyday because of the high sodium levels.

Link to jasmine rice from china or whatever
Basmati will be considered speciality

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